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US firm targets China with Internet auction service -- IT Daily 3/16
MediaRing to put Internet telephony software on Chinese PCs -- IT Daily 3/16
China '98 PC, telecom production surges, says statistics bureau -- SCMP 3/15
Bank of China Develops Card to Resolve Y2K Problem -- AsiaBizTech 3/15
Weekly Press Review -- 3/17

Domestic PCs kick import butt; Compaq, Kodak, and MediaRing follow Microsoft wake with more China Net deals; Legend emerging as key player?....

03/17 Matrix East -- Domestic PC companies such as Legend and Great Wall appear to have gained much ground at the expense of global heavyweights IBM, Compaq and Dell. -- As the dust settled from Bill Gates' whirlwind tour through Greater China, a handful of other western companies announced China Internet deals.

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China Net Market Size & Demographics
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The China Matrix Perspective
The Year of the Rabbit promises to be a pivotal, watershed time likely to shape China's wired destiny well into the 21st century. The path taken will largely be driven by the interplay of two opposing political mind sets: one that sees the Internet and related networking technologies as vital to the long term health of the nation's economy, and another that views the Internet and its associated domain, cyberspace, as an unparalleled threat to state security. Join us for a special edition of the China Matrix Perspective, as Matrix East president Kenneth Farrall answers the question "Whither the China Net?"

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