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China Net D-Briefings In a Nutshell
updated March 14, 1999 (growth monitor description)

China Net D-Briefings (short for dynamic briefing) provide continually updated, dynamic analysis of key aspects of the China Internet market supported by an unparalleled network of industry associates and contacts.

Primary Researchers: Kenneth Farrall, Peter Lovelock, Simon Cartledge

Kenneth Farrall is president of Kenneth Neil Farrall, the corporate sponsor and publisher of The China Matrix. Peter Lovelock and Simon Cartledge, senior research associates for Kenneth Neil Farrall, are the principals behind Big Brains Ltd, a Hong Kong-based research organization specializing in Asia’s information technology and telecommunications sectors.

Current D-Briefing services are listed below:

D-Briefing #1: Market Size and Demographics Version 2.0 (ref #DB1)

An in-depth understanding of the size, make up, and growth potential of China's Internet market is critical for a wide range of industry players, including Internet content and service companies, advertisers, international media corporations, and PC retailers. The Market Size and Demographics D-Briefing examines the current size and demographic makeup of China's Internet market and continually monitors the environment for growth. The briefing is published in two distinct parts, which can be purchased separately:

Part One: Current Picture (ref # DB1A)
Release Date: March 1, 1999
Price: $250   (order)

Matrix East analysts explore the January 1999 state-approved China Network Information Center survey of China Internet users, discuss user demographics, online behavior and attitudes, and look at recent trends. Includes extensive analysis of market size and more than 30 color illustrative tables and graphs. For complete details please see Terms of Purchase on the briefing order form.

Part Two: Market Growth Monitor (ref #DB1B)
Release Date: March 22nd, 1999 (updated monthly)
6 month subscription: please e-mail us

Key factors affecting the pace of China's online revolution can change significantly in a matter of weeks. In order to help clients stay on top of the market, Matrix East introduces the Market Growth Monitor, a continually updated analysis of growth potential within the China Internet market. In conjunction with Matrix East's baseline growth predictions available online, the China Net Growth Monitor provides subscribers regular e-mail updates summarizing flux within key roadbloacks and drivers to market growth.

D-Briefing #2: China Net Meta-Briefing (ref # DB2)
Release Date: TBA
Price: TBA

The China Net Meta-Briefing is a comprehensive resource for anyone with a broad range of questions about the past, present, and future of the China Internet space. The meta-briefing provides expert analytical summaries of major market factors including network infrastructure, online content and services, censorship and control issues, the regulatory environment, ISPs, and e-commerce.

-- a dynamic, hypertextual meta-browsing interface that provides intuitive, rapid access to just the information you want
-- online sources and reference document (think: footnotes) linked directly within the analysis outline structure

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