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China encourages public offerings of high-tech firms

Digital picture post service launched
China Daily 3/12

Computer sector sees decrease in sales
China Daily 3/11

Gates signs landmark software licensing deals in China
SCMP 3/11

Software giant helps launch Chinese government online
SCMP 3/11

Compaq in joint e-bookstore venture in Beijing
China Daily 3/10

Microsoft: Cheap Net for China
Wired 3/10

Microsoft Unveils System To Promote Internet In China
Yahoo 3/10

Microsoft and HK Telecom in high-speed Internet deal
BBC 3/9

Linux reaches into mainland
SCMP 3/9

MS, HKT to collaborate on convergence
ComputerWorld HK 3/10

MS wins first piracy case in Chinese court
ComputerWorld HK 3/9

Intel pegs hopes on Pentium III in China
CNET Reuters 3/8

Gates To Unveil China Internet TV Project
Yahoo Reuters 3/8

IP Phone Enters Trial Period

China keen to open up IT, telecom
Computerworld HK 3/8

HK Govt defends Cyberport decision
IT Daily 3/8

HK Telecom Partners With BICC Brand-Rex In China
Singapore CNET 3/5

Internet users may reach nine million by 2000
SCMP 1/11


Web guru tells Chinese audiences 'healthy disrespect' is key to success in digital age
Date:January 8th, 1999
Source: Matt Pottinger, NandoNet

Pop culture bridges political gap
Date:January 7th, 1999
Source: Kevin Platt, Christian Science Monitor

Internet use in China crucial for development
Date:January 6th, 1999
Source: Xiao Zheng, China Daily

China Job Site Increases Revenue Ten Fold
Date:January 6th, 1999
Source: Hans Lombardo,

China’s IT market -- the year in perspective
Date:January 5th, 1999
Source: New Century Group Staff, ComputerWorld Hong Kong

Internet part of addict's life
Date:January 6th, 1999
Source: Mai Lie, China Daily

Sobering thoughts on the Net
Date:November 24, 1998
Source: Beijing Byte, South China Morning Post

China launches first human rights site
Date:October 26, 1998
Source: Reuters, Yahoo News

Hackers stay a step ahead of China's cyber-police
Date:October 12, 1998
Source: Reuters,

Taiwan, China ink Net news deal
Date:September 29, 1998
Source: Reuters, CNET

Chinese protesters attack Indonesia through Net
Date: August 19, 1998
Source: Chris Nuttall, BBC

A New Medium for the Masses
Date: July 27, 1998
Source: Josephine Lee, Forbes
Annotation: The story of the SinaNet web site.

Chinese Site Explains American Behavior
Date:June 29, 1998
Source:Reuters, CNET

Injection of cash refuels Chinese searcher Sohoo
Date:May 5, 1998
Source: Ma Jun, Soutch China Morning Post

China Sees Huge Demand For Net Content
Date:May 14, 1998
Source: Mo Krochmal, TechWeb

Cernet seen as path to global information age
Date: April 21, 1998
Source: Shane Abrahams, South China Morning Post

Electronic Commerce in China
Date: March 25, 1998
Source: US Embassy, Beijing

New Economy: China, Big Time
Date: March 24, 1998
Source: Christopher Jones, Wired News

Beijing National People's Congress goes online
Date: March 4, 1998
Source: CNN

China Gets Wired
Date: January, 1998
Source: Time Magazine.

The Wild, Wild East
Date: October 30, 1997
Source: Deidre Nickerson and Stacy Lu, Forbes
Annotation: The story of AsiaInfo.

The Billion Man Market
Date: October 30, 1997
Source: Deidre Nickerson and Stacy Lu, Forbes
Annotation: The story of Zhang Chaoyang and ITC.

The Revolution
Date: September, 1997
Source: Allen T. Cheng, Asia, Inc.

China's national intranet
Date: Jan 15, 1997.
Source: Nick Wingfield and Courtney Macavinta, CNET.

Up, up, and Away with Strings Attached
China's Internet development has to overcome cultural, regulatory, and infrastructural hurdles.
Date: November-December, 1996
Source: Paul Triolo and Peter Lovelock, The China Business Review

Dragons at the Gates
Internet expansion in China is limited by its culture, politics, and infrastructure.
Date: November, 1995
Source: Steven Schwankert, Internet World

Censorship & Control
China steps up management of Internet cafes
Date: January 19, 1999
Source: Reuters, Mercury Center

Chinese court to hold hearing for man accused of Internet dissent
Date: January 19, 1999
Source: Nando.Net

With 2.1 million online, China clamps down on Internet freedom
Date: January 17, 1999
Source: Nando.Net

Hackers spar over cyber war on Iraq, China
Date: January 13, 1999
Source: Industry Standard, CNN

Chinese Police catch 13 year-old hacker
Date: January 9, 1999
Source: Associated Press, CNN

China hits at e-mail to curb dissent
Date:December 31, 1998
Source: Kevin Platt, Christian Science Monitor

IP businessmen get day in court
Date:December 31, 1998
Source: Zhao Huanxin,China Daily

Chinese Hackers Get Death Sentence
Date:December 30, 1998
Source: Clare Haney, The Industry Standard

China takes to battling dissent in cyberspace
Date:November 23, 1998
Source: Reuters,

China nabs first suspected hacker robbers
Date:October 22, 1998
Source: Reuters,

China 'blocks' BBC Website
Date:October 12, 1998
Source: BBC

Report: Computer Hackers Pose New Problem in China
Date:July 12, 1998
Source: CNN

The D-Browser vs. China: Who's Tougher on the Net?
Date:July 2, 1998
Source: John Borland, TechWeb

China Pushes Net Access, Restricts Content
Date:June 26, 1998
Source: John Borland, TechWeb

Internet allows Chinese dissidents to network
Date:June 2, 1998
Source: Benjamin Kang Lim, Reuters

China Seeking Filtered Content
Date:May 28, 1998
Source: Mo Krochmal, TechWeb
Annotation: This article is misleading when it describes China government policy toward Internet content and inaccurate when it quotes a figure of 4 million Chinese net users. What the article says is China policy is only the business strategy of the China Internet Corporation, owned by Xinhua News Agency. China net population, as of June 1, 1998 is just over 1 million users.

Let a Hundred Modem's Bloom
As the Net grows in China, the authorities keep looking for ways to control it.
Date: January 14, 1998
Source: Andrew Leonard, Salon Magazine

China's Net regulations begin
Date: December 30, 1997
Source: Reuters

Hong Kong free of China Net controls
Date: December 30, 1997.
Source: Reuters, CNET.

Chinese dissident turns to Net
Date: December 11, 1997
Source: Reuters, CNET

Where there's a will...getting around Chinese net censorship
Date:October 30, 1997
Source: Maya Kandel, Forbes

China tightens control of Internet, blocks 100 Web sites
Date: August 29, 1997
Source: USA Today, AP

China regulates business Net access
Date: June 30, 1997.
Source: Reuters, CNET.

The Great Firewall of China
Date: June, 1997
Source: Geremie R. Barmé and Sang Ye, Wired Magazine

In China, No Great Wall Across the Net
Date: August 26, 1996
Source:Dexter Roberts, Business Week

China Clampdown - Is Hong Kong Under Threat?
Date: 02/16/96
Source: NewsBytes Pacifica

Foreign Presence
Service Providers in China Select Cisco
Date:January 4, 1999
Source: Cisco Press Release

Toshiba in joint server venture in China
Date:January 4, 1999
Source: Reuters, CNET

Datacraft in China deal
Date:December 29, 1998
Source: SCMP

Yahoo forges sales pact in China
Date:November 11, 1998
Source: CNET and 24/7 Media Partner to Develop Network
Date:September 14, 1998
Source: Business Wire

IBM Plugs networking in China
Date:September 11, 1998
Source: Reuters, CNET

Yahoo Secures Chinese Domain
Date:September 1, 1998
Source: Paul Festa, CNET

Gates Cozying up to China Telecom
Date: August 26, 1998
Source: Clare Haney, The Industry Standard

U.S. official urges free Net in China
Date: June 30, 1998
Source: Reuters, CNET

Excite in Chinese Search Deal
Date: June 1, 1998
Source: Internetnews

Netscape Forges Into China With Web Guide
Date: May 14, 1998
Source: Scott Hillis, Reuters - Yahoo

Yahoo Goes to China
Date: May 4, 1998
Source: Jim Hu, CNET

Bringing E-Commerce to China
Date: April 14, 1998
Source: Reuters, CNET

Microsoft, China Telecom Team-up
Date: March 6, 1998
Source: Reuters, CNET

AT&T gets China Net contract
Date: December 22, 1997
Source: Reuters, CNET

CompuServe back in China
Date: October 28, 1997
Source: Reuters, CNET

Netscape Announces China Internet Corporation as its International Internet Site Affiliate in China
Date: September 3, 1997
Source: Netscape

China Internet Roaming Hit By Clampdown
Date: October 28, 1997
Source: Newsbytes

Asian Internet infrastructure is a big deal
Date: August 14, 1997
Source: Holly Hubbard Preston, Forbes

Dodging Asian Red Tape
Date: August 14, 1997
Source: Holly Hubbard Preston, Forbes

Intel Brings the First Live Internet Broadcast from China
Date: April 30, 1997
Source: Intel Web site

Prodigy launches China service
Date: April 29, 1997
Source: Christine McDonald, CNET

MS in China: All about Net
Date: April 8, 1997
Source: Reuters, CNET

Intel sees huge boom in China
Date: February 25, 1997
Source: Reuters, CNET

Chairman Rupert's Little Red Bucks
Murdoch and the People's Daily try to make the Web safe for China's Communists.
Date: February 20, 1997
Source: Andrew Leonard, Salon Magazine

China: Net Use Tripled in '98
Date: January 18, 1998
Source: South China Morning Post

Internet users may reach nine million by 2000
Date: January 11, 1998
Source: South China Morning Post

Internet use in China crucial for development
Date: January 6, 1998
Source: Xiao Zheng, China Daily

China poised to lead Asia in Internet users after Japan, firm says
Date: October 26, 1998
Source: NandoNet

China the next frontier for high tech marketers
Date: October 6, 1998
Source: NandoNet

China Net Use Exploding
Date: July 13, 1998
Source: Reuters, CNET

PC Revolution Sweeps China
Date: April 26, 1998
Source: Richard Wallace, EE Times

China's Internet Growth Is Like the `Wild West'
Date: April 4, 1998
Source: Marcia Kunstel and Joseph Albright, Cox News Service

China Net Use Exploding(different article from above)
Date: March 11, 1998
Source: Reuters, CNET

China PC market grows 40%
Date: January 16, 1998
Source: Jim Hu, CNET

Internet Trends in China for 1998
Date: December 31, 1997
Source: Joshua Keller, ChinaBig

E-commerce to go over big in Asia
Date: December 3, 1997
Source: Reuters, CNET

Chinese firms to invest in Net tech
Date: October 13, 1997
Source: Reuters, CNET

The Giant Infant: China and the Internet
Despite government interference, the Internet is expanding in China... slowly but surely.
Date: December, 1996
Source: Steven Schwankert, Internet World

Software makers brace for wave of China surfers
Date: September 12, 1996
Source: Reuters, CNET

Ericsson To Set Up R&D Center In China
Date: January 13, 1999
Source: Reuters, Yahoo

China to lower telecom fees
Date: December 30, 1998
Source: Xinhua, AsiaBiz Tech

Online ticket sales a curiosity in Beijing
Date:January 15, 1999
Source: Sumner Lemon, ComputerWorld, HK

Hong Kong Will Be Asian E-Com Hub, Says Venture Capitalist
Date:January 4, 1999
Source: Hans Lombardo, Internet

CINET-L Newsletter

A reliable source for regular updates on happenings in China's Internet, the CINET-L newsletter is published on a semi-monthly basis by the China News Digest. The current issue, as well as archives of all previous issues are available at Some highlights of recent issues are summarized and linked below:

May 25, 1998
-- Yahoo and AltaVista Launch Double-Byte Search Engines, Netscape Launches Chinese-Language Webguide, China Sees Huge Demand For Net Content...

April 13, 1998
-- Internet Operators Urge Government to Be More Open, Lucent Completes Installing World's First Optical MPEG-2 TV System in Zhejiang Province, Beijing's Tourism Resources Available Online, Government Issues Network Regulations, ...

March 9, 1998
-- China's Financial Data Network, Chinese Version Of WebMonkey Developer Site Debuts, Government to Re-structure Information/Telecommunication Administration...

January 5th, 1998
-- travel network, Netscape in China, net population reaches 600,000, Chinese web server hacked, agencies upload official information...

November 16th, 1997
-- NEC multimedia network, China expands Internet capacity, Yahoo plans Chinese site...

October 31st, 1997
-- Shanghai and New Jersey establish telemedicine link, Compuserv back in China, Unicom launches China business directory...

October 20th, 1997
-- Netscape in China, Internet shopping in Guangdong, Motorola to double investment...

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